Thursday, February 23, 2006

Our Class Visit to Harold Washington Library

Yesterday (February 22) we travelled to the Harold Washington Library on South State Street to watch a presentation called 'Bringing Black History to Life. Kucha Brownlee, a very animated African American, told African folk tales accompanied by shekere playing and audience participation. She emphasised the importance of storytelling in passing down our culture and history in this technicalogical age. The children (and adults) enjoyed the stories and participated in the songs and actions.

We travelled on the Green Line and were accompanied by parents. We all enjoyed the experience and kept safe on the journey.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ethiopian greeting

For Black history month, we have been learning much about Ethiopia. Each morning we greet each other with the Ethiopian word "Denahne" which means hello, how are you? We have also learned about the Ethiopian alphabet and learned to write our names using their symbols.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Miss Rachel Maly has joined our Class Community

On Monday, January 30, we were very excited as Miss Rachel Maly joined our class for the next 12 weeks for her student teaching.. She is a Senior at Moody Bible Institute majoring in Elementary Education. Miss Maly is already getting to know the children and they are enjoying their interaction with her. She has taken our Roundtable, teaching us a new song and providing instruments for the children to play along with. This week she will begin to teach the children about Ethiopia, the country we have chosen to learn about for Black History Month. As Miss Maly visited Ethiopia in Summer of 2005, she has lots of knowledge, photographs and ideas to share with us. We are looking forward to this new topic.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Insect and Spider Discovery

In January we had a wonderful time in class reading Eric Carle's books and studying insects and bugs. We have all learned so much and it has been lovely to watch the children's excitment as they looked at the books I had brought in from my local library, finding out new information and asking intelligent questions. The children have also written some excellent descriptive work, made caterpillars and painted beautiful, colorful butterflies. It has been a very worthwhile topic to study and we have learned much more about God's amazing creation.